Scripting Eligibility or Adjustments by User Group

Rules can be scripted in Optimal Blue to apply to specific entities. The rule can apply to a single entity or multiple entities.

How to find the Entity ID

To script rules around specific entities, you will first need to obtain the entity ID for any entities you wish to script rules for.

1. Log in to the Configuration site by clicking the Configuration button on the web site selection screen.

2. Using your mouse pointer, hover of the desired entity. Notice at the bottom of your browser at the end of the javasript:_postback message the entity ID is displayed.

3. Make note of the entity ID.

Rule Scripting

1. From the configuration site, navigate to the investor entity with the product(s) you want to script the rule for and click the manager products tab or activity.

2. Click on the product or product set you want to script the rule for and click the Adjustments activity.

3. Click Add New Grid Set button.

4. Name your grid set. Best practice is to include the entity name, product or set level and rule type (eligibility or adjustment). For example, ‘BB&T Non Conf Adj’ Click Add.

5. With your new grid set selected, from the activity list on the right, click Add Scripted Rule.

6. Name your rule according to it’s purpose.

7. In the Condition section, click the edit button and locate the Search Entity(#) from the variable drop down list.

8. Select Equal To as the Operator and input the Entity ID in the Value field.

9. Edit the Action Type accordingly. You may also want to consider replacing the rule text or hiding the adjustment from the loan officer (See How to Re-Label a Pricing Adjustment) or Disqualifier. Click Save when finished.

Note: It is also possible to apply product/investor specific adjustments to more than one entity. To do this, you will create a User Defined List that includes all the Entity IDs you want to use and instead of creating a Rule, you will need to create a grid. For the grid variable select Search Entity (#) and in the Using Lists/Ranges drop down lists select your newly created user defined list. For more assistance with this, consult your Account Manager.

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