Setting Rate Alerts

The Rate Alert feature allows you (the originator) to monitor for a target rate and price for each individual prospect in your Optimal Blue pipeline. Rate Alerts are evaluated 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM CST each day, including weekends. If a new rate sheet has been processed, and the target rate and price set in the Rate Alert becomes available, Optimal Blue automatically sends an email notification to you and to the consumer (if you enter the borrower email address). At 11:00 AM Optimal Blue looks for any successfully processed rate sheets since 6:00 PM the previous day.

Click the Rate Alert icon for the desired loan. To add a Rate Alert, the loan must be in Prospect (or Registered) status. It cannot be in Locked or Lock pending status.

Complete the Rate Alert Configuration settings, including the Email Signature/Salutation section. The system copies the email signature into subsequent alerts.

If the alert target rate and price becomes available, the system sends an email to you and to the consumer (if you entered the Borrower Email in the Rate Alert Configuration section).

For additional information download the Loan Originator User Guide. Clients who are integrated with an LOS should refer to the guide provided in the LOS Integrations category for their respective system.

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