Single Sign-On(SSO) with Black Knight and Optimal Blue Credentials


As we continue with Black Knight integration efforts, legacy Optimal Blue corporate applications that utilize Single Sign-On(SSO) to authenticate will be transitioned to utilize your Black Knight credentials.  In general, the Microsoft Edge browser supports the utilization of two different SSO logins simultaneously.  However, Google Chrome experiences issues with this scenario. Please see the solutions provided below for information on options to address this issue.

You will see an error similar to the below if the application is attempting to utilize the wrong set of credentials:

Quick Tips

TIP #1: You should always be connected to VPN (Pulse Secure).

TIP #2: If you see a sign-on screen that displays the Black Knight image, utilize your Black Knight credentials.

TIP #3: Should you experience the issue above, you can simply log out of your SSO credentials by utilizing the “SMT Bookmarks…SSO Log Out” browser bookmark. Once logged out, try to access your application again. The browser should ask you for credentials again.

TIP #4: In general, Microsoft Edge is more effective in supporting multiple logins. We suggest setting Edge as your default browser.

TIP #5: One option is to utilize Google Chrome for Optimal Blue SSO Websites and Microsoft Edge for Black Knight SSO Websites (or vice versa).

TIP #6: If you need to reset your Black Knight credentials, please visit Should you have issues with this site, we strongly suggest calling the BK support desk (904.854.4357) instead of emailing them.

TIP #7: Do not ignore the Password Reset emails!!

Black Knight example
Optimal Blue example

Microsoft Edge

  1. In general, Microsoft Edge works seamlessly with multiple SSO providers.
  2. When accessing an SSO-enabled application, you will be redirected to a login screen where you can input or choose to use your Black Knight or Optimal Blue credentials.


Create a Chrome Profile that is dedicated to only Black Knight websites and credentials.

  1. Click on the profile icon that is located on the top right corner of the Chrome Browser, and click “Add
  2. Then Click “Continue without an account“.
  3. Next, Input a name for the profile, for example: “BlackKnight”, choose a color and profile picture if you like and leave everything else as default. Then click “Done
  4. A new browser will open. From here, start using websites that only require BlackKnight credentials.
  5. You can have multiple Google Chrome browsers open. One for your BlackKnight Profile and the other browser for everything else.
  6. Tip: You can right-click a URL from within Google Chrome and choose the Chrome profile to use.

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