System Issues and outages – Internal

If a customer is reporting that OB is slow or not accessible, the Client Advisor should check:

Can the stated issue be recreated by going to the customer’s OB site. 

If Yes,

Can the stated issue also be recreated by going into your demo site or another customer’s site?

If Yes,

1) Check Salesforce (All Emergency Chatter Group) to see if anyone else has reported the issue

If it has, add a comment “ABC Mtg is also reporting this issue”

2) If it has not already been reported, add a chatter “ABC Mortgage is reporting <Exact Issue> . I was able to duplicate issue in…”

If the issue cannot be recreated, 

What action is the user attempting when the slowness happens (locking a loan, opening a loan, generating a rate sheet, etc.)

Is this happening to just 1 users or all users?  

Is it happening when going directly to OB or via LOS integration?

Other possible items to check:

Encompass customers: Check for any Encompass outages: Ellie Mae Status Center

Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

If a customer is asking for a RCA of a recent known system outage or issue, send a note to your Team Manager requesting the RCA.

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