System Notification Management

Users with System Admin access can manage who in their organization will receive important Optimal Blue email notifications. This feature is accessed via the System Notification Management tab on the Website Selection page displayed when you log in to Optimal Blue.

1. Enter the email address for each recipient for each Notification Type.

2. Press the Enter key after each email address you type when you are entering multiple email address.

3. Select the Save Changes button to save your updates.

Notification Types

Release Notes and Important Updates: These notifications occur to distribute release notes for your review or to inform you of other important updates regarding system functionality or investor content support.

Scheduled System Maintenance: These notifications are sent to inform you of scheduled downtime for the Optimal Blue system. We will typically notify you of scheduled down time five days in advance.

Emergency System Notifications: These notifications are sent in case of a System Emergency impacting site availability or performance. Notifications are sent at the onset of the issue and periodic updates will be given until the issue is resolved.

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