Viewing Pipelines

The Pipelines tab allows you to see the pipelines of each of your loan officers, including prospect loans.

  1. Click the Pipelines tab located at the top of the screen.

  2. Choose the loan officer whose pipeline you want to view from the Filter by LO drop-down list.
    Note: A loan officer will not be in the Filter by LO drop-down list until they have saved at least one loan.

  1. If you want to display only those loans that match specific criteria, choose the appropriate options from the Pipeline Options section to filter the display, and click Filter Pipeline. You can filter based on loan status, date range, or text in any loan field (such as loan number or borrower name.)

NOTE: You can enter the date range into the From and To fields, or you can click the calendar next to each field and choose a date. The system uses the date range that you select as the default the next time you log in.

TIP: To remove the filter based on search text, delete the text in the Search Text field and click Filter Pipeline.

  1. If needed, sort the pipeline by clicking on the pipeline header fields.  Click once to sort the pipeline in ascending order. Click again to sort the pipeline in descending order.


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