What do I need to know about Encompass to Optimal Blue product mapping?

  • In order to use the Encompass to OB Product Mapping, Super Admin credentials will be needed to import the Encompass Product and Lock Plan Codes to the mapping screen.
  • If using the product mapping, Encompass Product names need to be less than 100 characters to be able to import into Optimal Blue.
  • Re-importing products from Encompass will not clear the existing mapping.
  • For mapped products, Entity Preferences are used to specify whether to send Encompass or OB Product Name, Encompass or OB Product Code, or No Product Code. These Entity Preferences should be set on Corporate and Child Entities.



  •  Optimal Blue will send the Optimal Blue Product Name/Code for unmapped products.
  • For mapped products, Entity Preferences can be set to apply the template as part of the push to Encompass. Investor Templates are only applied with Best Ex pushes and populate the Shipping Detail Tool in Encompass.


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