What do I need to know about setting up first lien loans with subordinate financing using the Encompass integration?

To setup an existing second lien, users must complete several fields for Encompass to send it to Optimal Blue.


Ellie doesn’t send this data to Optimal Blue unless it is marked correctly as being attached to Subject Property on the VOM & VOL screens, the Resubordinated Indicator box is checked, and Proposed Lien Position marked as “2” on the VOL screen.


Doing these things does seem to ensure that field 428 gets populated as well.


If the sub-financing is just a new, concurrent 2nd lien you can just enter in the New Closed End Subordinate Mortgage field (4488) and Encompass will add that to field 428 (the field that we actually pull from).


*Note: The second lien field should be locked down within Optimal Blue and can only be changed in Encompass.

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