Why does my price trace show Archive Date 10/5/2014

The reason that Archive Date 10/5/2014 shows on the Price Trace screen for the Price Concession Request is because the customer has the price validation option turned off and something changed on the loan, that made the product no longer eligible, after the lock was requested but before the Price Concession was requested.


If sec. gets the red line system error when they try to accept the Price Concession in OB then a change was made to the loan and the product is no longer eligible.   There is no validation done when accepting a price concession.  We don’t want to change this to start doing a validation when accept the price concessions because this may not work for all customers.  We don’t know how much work or dev. time this would take either.


If sec. gets the red line system error when they accept the price concession in OB, look to see if the product the loan was locked with is still eligible.  If the product is ineligible, when sec. goes to accept the price concession, then sec. will get a red line system error when they click accept.

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