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30-Yr. Conforming

6.901% -0.003

30-Yr. Jumbo

7.219% -0.062

30-Yr. FHA

6.717% +0.093

30-Yr. VA

6.555% +0.004

30-Yr. USDA

6.652% -0.127

15-Yr. Conforming

6.360% +0.151


Icanbuy Implements the Optimal Blue Lead-Quoting API to Seamlessly Connect Homebuyers With Lenders’ Products and Pricing

Icanbuy has implemented the lead-quoting API from Optimal Blue, the market leader in mortgage secondary marketing technology. This API allows third parties to connect consumers with an array of products and pricing from the Optimal Blue PPE to support a premium shopping experience. It gives Icanbuy the ability to continue displaying real-time rates in its rate table advertising and lead generation technologies.

PLANO, TexasOct. 17, 2023 — Today, Optimal Blue announced that Icanbuy, a division of Mortgage Research Center, has implemented the Optimal Blue lead-quoting application programming interface (API). This API connects lead-aggregation vendors to the vast array of product and pricing information in the Optimal Blue PPE – the industry’s most widely used product, pricing, and eligibility engine.

“With the lead-quoting API in place, we can now add Optimal Blue’s real-time product and pricing to the Icanbuy rate shopping experience and technology,” said Brian Richards, director of Icanbuy. “Icanbuy supports some of the nation’s top publisher brands, and on the consumer side, our advertiser list is a vast mix of known national direct lenders, banks, credit unions, and local mortgage offerings. Our decision to implement this API is about empowering publishers’ brands and assuring a world-class experience for consumers; both objectives will be enhanced with the ability to display Optimal Blue’s live rates for advertisers’ offerings. When publishers can seamlessly connect consumers with lenders and their live offerings, everyone wins.”

Designed to provide homebuyers with quick access to live interest rates from multiple lenders, the Optimal Blue lead-quoting API gives Icanbuy the ability to continue displaying real-time rates in its rate table advertising and lead generation technologies. Rates are displayed on behalf of lenders using the Optimal Blue PPE, with seamless connections to hundreds of investors and thousands of products for any mortgage financing scenario.

“Consumers expect instant access to accurate, transparent product and pricing information – and if they can’t find it on one website, they’ll navigate to another,” said Erin Wester, vice president of product management, Optimal Blue. “Our lead-quoting API enhances the mortgage shopping experience for consumers, while helping organizations like Icanbuy bridge a meaningful connection between lenders and homebuyers.”

About Optimal Blue
Optimal Blue is the market leader in mortgage secondary marketing technology. The company facilitates transactions among mortgage market participants through its Marketplace Platform, actionable data, and technology vendor connections. The platform supports a range of functions for originators and investors to automate and optimize core processes related to product, pricing, and eligibility, hedge analytics, MSR valuation, loan trading, social media compliance, and counterparty oversight. The company’s premier product, pricing and eligibility engine – the Optimal Blue PPE – is used by 64% of the top 500 mortgage lenders in the U.S. For more information on Optimal Blue’s end-to-end secondary marketing automation, visit http://www.OptimalBlue.com.

About Icanbuy
Icanbuy develops tools as widgets to be integrated into any website: lenders, real estate brokers, search engine portals. The platform displays live offerings based on the consumers search refinement. The consumer reviews the offers, selects the provider of their choice, and the platform then connects the consumer with the provider.

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Media Contact
Olivia DeLancey, Optimal Blue